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Bioluminescence Tour Holbox


Immerse yourself in the magical world of bioluminescence with Holbox’s exclusive night tour. This unique 1.5 to 2-hour journey is a feast for the senses, where you’ll witness the luminescent wonders of nature.

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Tour Highlights:

  • Bioluminescent Phenomenon: Witness the enchanting glow of bioluminescent plankton in one of two stunning locations – either off the coast near “Cafe del Mar” or amidst the mangroves near Playa Punta Coco​​.
  • Snorkeling Experience: Engage with this natural marvel up close. You’ll be equipped with snorkeling gear to observe the shimmering plankton as they light up around you in the water​​.
  • Stargazing Session: Complementing the bioluminescence, enjoy stargazing from the calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Holbox’s low light pollution allows for a clear view of constellations like the Big Dipper and Cassiopeia​​.

Practical Details:

  • Duration and Timing: The tour lasts approximately 1.5-2 hours, typically starting around 9 or 10 PM, depending on weather and lunar conditions​​.
  • Tour Cost: Approximately $40 USD per person, ensuring value for a remarkable experience​​.
  • Group Size: Limited to a maximum of 10 people, allowing for a more intimate and personalized experience​​.
  • Equipment Provided: Wetsuits, water shoes, dry bags, and snorkeling gear are provided, ensuring you’re well-equipped for the adventure​​.

Before You Go:

  • What to Wear: Simply a bathing suit under the provided wetsuit will suffice​​.
  • What to Bring: Minimize valuables, but don’t forget mosquito repellent, especially if near mangroves​​.
  • Tour Tips: Opt for tours during the new moon for the best bioluminescence visibility, avoid rainy seasons for easier access, and remember that capturing this phenomenon on camera can be challenging due to the darkness​​.

Prepare to be awestruck by this natural light show, a rare and unforgettable spectacle offered by the Holbox bioluminescence tour.