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Welcome to Holbox Island

Hello! I’m Rubi ! and I’ve been living and exploring Isla Holbox for the past two years, splitting my time between this hidden gem in the Mexican Caribbean and traveling the globe.

My unique experiences on the island have driven me to create this website.

This site is designed to make discovering Holbox easy for everyone. It offers insider tips and comprehensive guides on the best places to visit, eat, and explore, all from a local’s perspective.

Join me to explore Holbox through my eyes. Whether you’re here for a quick visit or a longer stay, I’ll help you experience the island’s serene beaches, vibrant marine life, and laid-back lifestyle. Let’s discover the beauty of Holbox together!

Why to visit Holbox Island

Imagine a tiny slice of paradise tucked away off the coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. That’s Holbox Island, or as the locals affectionately call it, Isla Holbox. This unassuming little gem is part of a nature reserve, separated from the mainland by the shimmering waters of the Yalahau Lagoon.

But Holbox is far from boring. Its beaches are like something out of a dream – soft, white sand leading to waters so turquoise and clear, you’ll swear you’re in a postcard. And the wildlife? Prepare to be dazzled! Flocks of flamingos, pelicans, and herons make their home here, putting on a colorful show for visitors.
And that’s just the beginning. Every year, the gentle giants of the sea, the whale sharks, cruise on in to feed, drawing snorkelers and divers from all over to witness their majestic beauty up close.

Life on Holbox moves at a delightfully slow pace. No cars allowed here – just sandy streets made for strolling, bicycles, and quirky golf carts zipping about. The village itself is straight out of a Caribbean fairy tale, with its vibrant buildings, cozy boutique hotels, and local eateries dishing up the freshest catch of the day.

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle, Holbox is a true oasis for nature buffs, beach bums, and anyone yearning for a taste of tranquility in a setting so beautiful, it almost doesn’t seem real.


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