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ATM Holbox [2024]: Commission fees + Maps

Looking for ATMs in Holbox? Embarking on a journey to the serene Holbox Island, brings with it the need to understand its predominantly cash-based economy. Renowned for its tranquil beaches and charming local atmosphere, Holbox still leans heavily on cash transactions, particularly in its local bars, restaurants, and small businesses. This guide provides an in-depth look into the ATM availability, currency exchange, and payment methods on Holbox, ensuring you’re financially well-prepared for a smooth and enjoyable visit.

ATMs in Holbox Island

While Holbox Island is equipped with a network of ATMs, their reliability can vary. This section explores the most dependable ATM options alongside other available machines on the island.

CI Banco ATM Holbox

ciBanco Holbox Island

Google Maps direction

A reliable choice for withdrawing Mexican pesos, the CI Banco ATM is prominently located on the main road from the square to the ferry port. Given the unfavorable exchange rate for US dollars, withdrawing pesos here ($65MXN commission fees) is a practical choice for visitors.

GoMart ATM

Gomart ATM Holbox

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Another commendable option, especially for its lower commission fees ($45 MXN), is the ATM inside the GoMart store. Conveniently situated and easy to access, this ATM is a favourite among budget-conscious travellers.

ATM Scotiabank

This ATM is situated adjacent to the main square of Holbox and next to the ARENA Hotel & Bar. The transaction fee at this ATM is 100 Mexican pesos. However, it is the nearest and most affordable ATM in proximity to the main attractions.

Town Hall ATM 

Located on the second floor of the town hall & police station, it presents a convenient choice for those who prefer not to walk to the more distant CI Banco or the ATM inside the GoMart. However, it’s important to note that using this ATM comes with a higher commission fee of approximately ($174 MXN). Despite the higher cost, its accessibility and convenience make it a viable option for quick cash withdrawals.

This information about the Town Hall ATM being open is updated and should be helpful for visitors who need a more accessible ATM option while exploring Holbox Island. Keep in mind the trade-off between convenience and higher transaction costs when choosing this ATM.

Other ATMs in Holbox

There are several ATMs in Holbox located around the main square. However, it’s important to note that these machines often run out of cash fairly quickly, especially during peak tourist seasons or weekends. Moreover, the transaction fees at these ATMs tend to be significantly higher compared to other options like CI Banco and GoMart. Early withdrawal during the day is advisable if you need to use these ATMs.

ATMs near La Combi Bar

Close to the popular La Combi bar, you’ll find a couple of ATMs that usually dispense US dollars. They are generally operational but are known to run out of cash by evening, similar to those near the main square.

Punto San Telmo ATM

Another ATM, located outside the Punto San Telmo restaurant, is closest to the beach area. Like those near La Combi, this one also dispenses US dollars.

Currency Exchange in Holbox Island

While ATMs offer a convenient way to access cash in Holbox, there may be times when you find yourself with foreign currency in hand and a desire to exchange it for Mexican Pesos. While many shops and businesses on Holbox Island may offer to exchange US Dollars for Mexican Pesos, it’s essential to be aware that the exchange rates provided by these establishments may not be favourable. In most cases, the rates offered at local shops are less favourable compared to other options. Therefore, it is recommended to consider the following two alternatives for currency exchange, which often provide more competitive rates and better value for your money during your stay on Holbox Island:

For currency exchange, there are two main options:

CIBanco Bank: This bank provides not just ATM services but also currency exchange. It’s a reliable spot to exchange your foreign currency for Mexican pesos.

ciBanco Holbox Island

Location: Calle Tiburón Ballena 6, Predio 3 Zona 2, 77310 Holbox, Q.R.

Hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm, Saturday 8:30am – 3pm

Money exchange Holbox

Money Exchange Center Near the Main Square: Another option for currency exchange, though the rates and fees might not be as favorable as those at the bank.

Location: Porfirio Díaz Manzana 4 Local 1, Col. Centro, 77310 Holbox, Q.R.

It is possible to pay with Card in Holbox?

Despite a gradual shift towards card acceptance, cash is still the most preferred payment method across Holbox. This is especially true in smaller establishments, local markets, and with street food vendors. Larger establishments like restaurants and supermarkets may accept card payments but often add an extra charge, usually around 5 to 10%, to cover transaction fees. Consequently, using cash is generally more cost-effective. Card Payments: If you’re inclined to use a card, it’s advisable to check beforehand about any additional fees. Some modern venues may accept cards with minimal to no extra charges.


Navigating the financial landscape of Holbox Island is an integral part of ensuring a stress-free visit. Being informed about the most reliable ATM Holbox, understanding the currency exchange options, and the predominant cash payment culture will enhance your experience on the island. Opting for ATMs like CI Banco or GoMart for lower commissions, being mindful of high fees at main square ATMs, and carrying sufficient cash, preferably in Mexican pesos, will allow you to fully enjoy the relaxed and beautiful setting of Holbox Island without financial concerns.

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